Worldwide Shopping Days and Hours 27.11.2015

shopping days and hours
What time and day do you usually go shopping? Does your friend or neighbour come along with you? Maybe even the nearest country goes shopping just at the same time like you. And what about the whole globe? Maybe everyone on the planet shops at the same time.

Did you ever wonder if there are any differences in shopping habits around the globe? We at “Buy Me a Pie!” knew there definitely should be some differences and we found them in our stats as well as similarities.

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Lovely Lemon Meringue Pie Recipe 20.11.2015

lemon meringue pie recipe@photo

What is not to love about lemon meringue pie? The luscious peaks, the yellow color, and the sweet taste will have you dreaming of your favorite lemon meringue pie recipe. So give this one a try and it may become your go-to easy lemon pie recipe! You can get that flaky crust, zesty filling, and gorgeous appearance with ingredients you already have on your grocery list.
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