Hot new version of “Buy Me a Pie!” for iOS 7: more features in your favorite shopping list app! 16.05.2014

picteng1 (1)

If anyone ever tells you that pies can’t grow – do not believe it. They definitely can! We believe it’s high time to enhance the functionality of our “Buy Me a Pie!” shopping list for iOS 7, so today we are releasing the new version, that surpasses all the previous versions. Want to know what secret ingredients we’ve added to “Buy Me a Pie!” to make it delicacy? Or, maybe, would like to find a way to get it free of change? Читать дальше “Hot new version of “Buy Me a Pie!” for iOS 7: more features in your favorite shopping list app!” »

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We need less toilet paper, sir! 14.02.2014


from Dmitry Joukov,
Art Director of  “Buy Me a Pie!” and 5EVEN, Head of Bodybeat

Not long ago I’ve published a story about the creation of icon for “Buy Me a Pie!” in iOS 7 style and the results of our attempts. I was surprised to see the rush of comments under it, and according to their number and the willingness you shared your opinions on the icons the topic turned out to be a matter of interest! The whole “Buy Me a Pie!” team was monitoring the comments closely since everyone was eager to know which icon wins. As a result #1 proved to be Number One, and frankly speaking I expected that. Now I’d like to tell you more about this very icon: why it was made the way it was made.

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We need more flat icons for “Buy Me a Pie!”, sir! 29.01.2014


from Dmitry Joukov,
Art Director of  “Buy Me a Pie!” and 5EVEN, Head of Bodybeat

App icons have nowadays become extremely important elements of branding, in some cases they take place of company logos. Icon is the major means of contact with the audience in app stores.
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Meet New Generation eCookbook integrated with “Buy Me a Pie!”: Turkhead Culinary Delights – A West Cork Indulgence 11.12.2013


We are happy to introduce our new first and unique partner – Turkhead Delights, who have created a lovely and unique eCookbook, the first and only eCookbook that connects automatically with “Buy Me a Pie!” thereby providing a one click “Add to!” your shopping list experience on your mobile device, and in doing so, ensuring you always have the right ingredients and quantities at hand when shopping. Strongly recommended to everyone who enjoys the process and the result of cooking!
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New “Buy Me a Pie!” for iOS 7! 08.11.2013

Hello, I’m Sergey Bulaev, the founder of “Buy Me a Pie!”. I created it for myself and for shoppers like me – for those, who value their time, money, happiness and environment. Our application is over 2 years old. During these two years we made 4 million shoppers all over the world a bit happier. 80,000 of them use “Buy Me a Pie!” every day. Everyone on our team works hard to make your shopping easy to enjoy, prevent aggravation in your family, and save you time for something more worthwhile than shopping.
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A Well Laid Out Kitchen 28.08.2013

fA Well Laid Out Kitchen


I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I really enjoy cooking, baking and trying new recipes. When I look at houses for sale (because sometimes I just like to do that, don’t judge) the kitchen is always a focal point for me. The most amazing house can take a quick downturn if the kitchen is outdated, too small, or poorly laid out.

You can easily paint cabinets, replace counters and add a nice tile backsplash. But if your kitchen isn’t laid out well it isn’t going to feel right. The usability is greatly diminished and it makes working in there very difficult. You can even grow to dislike being in the kitchen at all if it is hard to work in.
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Late Night Snacks To Have You Sleeping Well 23.08.2013

what to eat before going to bed

Sometimes, after a long day doing.… well, all the many things I do in a day, I look at the clock and think, “I really should hurry off to bed so I can get up early and do all of this again tomorrow.” I really try to get a decent amount of sleep each night so that I can function at full capacity (or at least pretty close). But quite often I find that I face a little problem. Just as I am ready to head off to bed I get that all too familiar feeling…

I’m hungry!

So now what do I do? I know that I need to head to bed now if I want to get enough sleep, so I don’t want to spend time making (and eating) a snack. But I also know my stomach is not going to be quiet and just let me go to bed either. And of course I won’t sleep well if my stomach is this empty and my blood sugar isn’t balanced. I also need to be careful because a sugary bedtime snack can lead to a blood sugar spike, and then crash, that can lead to a groggy and grumpy morning.
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Meet “Buy Me a Pie!” for Android! 22.08.2013

Buy Me a Pie! android

You’ve been waiting for so long and so patiently, and today we are happy to announce that “Buy Me a Pie!” for Android is available for download in Google Play! The Android version of “Buy Me a Pie!” is compatible with the iOS version of the application, which means you can make shopping lists and share them with your family and friends on Android and iOS devices as well as on the site.

Download “Buy Me a Pie! Grocery List Pro” for Android

Download “Buy Me a Pie! Grocery List” for Android (without synchronization)
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Healthy Dessert Ideas That Won’t Ruin Your Diet 21.08.2013

healthy dessert@photo

Just because you are changing your eating habits for the better doesn’t mean you need to deprive yourself! There are lots of ways to still eat dessert without going overboard or even risk ruining your hard work. Many of these healthy dessert recipes are easy to make. Your loved ones and friends will love the taste, and they might not even know that they’re healthy for them! Most of the ingredients you can find in your local supermarket and don’t require fancy equipment. So what are you waiting for?
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Make Me A Pie! 19.08.2013

fruit pie

As summer ends and fall draws near there is a bountiful amount of ripe, delicious fruit at hand. It’s a beautiful time to enjoy jams, jellies, smoothies and of course…PIE!

Wether you have never baked a pie in your life (and truth be told, you’re pretty intimidated) or you are a pie professional, we have some indulgent and sweet pie recipes that will have you excited to fire up that oven.


We must start at the foundation of your pie – the crust. People are often leery of making their own crust, but it needn’t be something to fear. The recipe below is simple and full of buttery, flakey flavor. And if you are short on time, or just not ready to take the leap, go ahead and by a prepared pie crust (we won’t tell).
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