“Buy Me a Pie!” lists can be shared via Facebook Messenger now! 30.07.2015

facebook messenger sharing

Let’s admit it: we chat, and we chat a lot. The only thing that we use more that chats is probably Facebook. The popularity of Facebook all over the world naturally resulted in the vast spread of Facebook messenger. So we thought it would be great if you could share your grocery lists right there. Really, isn’t it cool to be able to discuss things you want to purchase before adding them to a list without switching between chats and apps? Читать дальше ““Buy Me a Pie!” lists can be shared via Facebook Messenger now!” »

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5 Crazy Ways You Never Thought to Use Marshmallows 28.07.2015

marshmallow fun@photo

Marshmallows have been around since the dinosaurs, right? Actually, even though it seems like Rice Krispie treats and s’mores have been making childhoods cozy for like, forever, they were invented in the 1800s as a remedy for sore throats. Considering they were made from a plant back then, though, they were probably considerably less tasty!

Today marshmallows are a well-established sweet made from much yummier ingredients, but that hasn’t stopped them from being put to new uses. Without further ado, here are five novel ideas for getting your marshmallow on.
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How to Craft the Perfect Diabetic Meal Plan 24.07.2015

diabetic meal plan@photo by Dialysis Technician Salary

With a diabetic meal plan, you can be more aware of the foods that will help you create healthy meals and snacks. Diabetic meal planning can get a bit tricky, because you must balance the foods you eat with your medications and insulin. When you factor in exercise, it can be a bit daunting to figure out which foods to eat and which are less beneficial. Fortunately, there are some ways to make a diabetic diet meal plan easier.
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Try a Fresh Fruit Smoothie That Satisfies and Slims! 23.07.2015

fresh fruit smoothie@photo

A fresh fruit smoothie is a favorite summertime drink. They quench your thirst, make the most of seasonal produce, and can even be nutritious. What’s more, you don’t need to hit an expensive juice bar to get fresh smoothies. These recipes are healthier, easier, and cheaper, so whip them up today and enjoy a refreshing beverage!
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Health Conscious: Good Diet Plans 23.07.2015

good diet plans@photo

It’s hard to know what to eat with so many healthy food choices out there. What makes good diet meals work? Is it whole foods, organic foods, wild caught or home grown? We’ve got some basic rules that fit into any good diet plans. Our rules are based on scientific studies for healthy eating habits and will help you determine what should go on your grocery shopping list.

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5 Best Veggies for Fresh Vegetable Juice 22.07.2015

fresh vegetable juice@photo

Creating great vegetable juices is an amazing thing but you do need to have a good grocery list when you want to purchase them. The problem comes from the fact that many of us simply don’t know what to exactly include in a vegetable juice list, which is a little unfortunate considering the fact that veggies are indeed very good for our body and they can indeed provide some cool, extraordinary results at all times. But which of them are the best for creating a fresh vegetable juice? Let’s see!
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